Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Marla and Seaglass

Please meet 'Seaglassthings'. Marla's work is in the 'Handbook to Handmade', Vol. 3, along with, 34 other talented artists from around the country (including 'moi') and the UK. Last night Marla told us how her 3 year old daughter accidentally spilled water on her precious, new book. The back cover peeled away and the pages are somewhat wavy. She was pretty upset and thought she would try to move her inventory to purchase another copy. I thought that the book could be salvaged by possibly putting some parchment in between the pages and then putting it under a stack of heavy books for a day or so. In theory, it seems like a good idea. But, Marla 'got it', that in the large scheme of things the wavy pages couldn't take away the beauty of any ones' work and, that she had a story to tell. So, here is her shop @: http://www.seaglassthings.etsy.com/

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Bee said...

that piece is gorgeous! Of course I'm partial to seaglass, having grown up on the north shore of Mass :) Will have to go check out her shop now! ~ Bee