Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is the cover of Volume III of 'The Handbook to Handmade'. At the moment not only am I proud to be on the cover of this gorgeous book and to be presented with 35 other talented artists from around the country and the UK, BUT, I am also VERY proud that with some help from the tech guy @ Verizon, I was able to save this picture from Tim's web site and get it to this blog. I am somewhat challenged in the copy/paste area (again, please no laughing).

I should have this book in my hands TODAY (Tim just posted a comment!) and not only will I have a coffee table gorgeous book to show off my work, but I have met an AMAZING community of fellow 'Etsians', and I will be showing off their work as well. Each one as unique and as different as a snowflake. In the most organic way, a true community is growing from the on-line thread where we have all met...and MAYBE, one day we will meet in person.

The book can be bought for $28 from

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etsy promo book said...

volume three is arriving today!!

thanks for the feature....