Thursday, February 21, 2008

Handbook to Handmade, Volume III

Here it is!!!The 'Hand book to Handmade' Volume III. All of the pictures from the 35 artists came out just BEAUTIFUL!!! The size of the book is perfect to carry around and use as an amazing promotional tool. I opened the package at my friend Sallys' house (in her brand new kitchen..stunning!), and she was thrilled to see all the gifted artists represented in Volume III. So, Timothy Adam, I think we can, from coast to coast, give you a huge round of applause!

You can click on the pictures to get a bigger view of the pages....although, they are all posted here on the blog. You can also purchase your own copy from Timothy @:

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Bee said...

Amy - congrats on the front page and for being in Volume 4 (I'll be in 5 and am sooo excited!)

Your photography and work are both just STUNNING!! Absolutely beautiful. Also, I'm adding your blog as a link on mine :) I'll check back in to see your updates, and will also see you around etsy! ~ Bee @ BeeDazzlesGifts :)