Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lilltle Kitty, aka, Girl Whirl

Little Kitty, as we call her, (although a friend suggested that we change her name to Medium Kitty once she grew out of the kitten phase), is a loopy, mischievous, playful, predictable girl whirl. She loves to snuggle way under the covers at night, which I think is oh, so sweet. My husband, not so much....but there she is! There is a 6 year difference between our girl and boy cats and it took Big Kitty a good year to snap out of the deep depression he went into when we brought home this tiny ball of gray fur. He just didn't know that he was still king of the hill. Now, we are pleased to say that he sincerely tolerates her!


Bethany said...

She's very pretty. My cat Smudge is a grey like that, and I have the hardest time getting good photos of him. You did a great job.


She is beautiful! I love the soft grey color. I have a grey tabby myself .Heidi

savonara said...

What a beauty. I have a soft spot for grey kitties, especially with names like Medium, lol.