Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Kitty, 'The Man'

I have been spending ALLOT of time in the 'blogosphere', looking at everybodys' beautiful pets, and I have posted my other cat (I'm sure that she will make another appearance). So, in all fairness to my Big Kitty, here he is. I love this picture of him. It is not easy taking pictures of black/very dark brown cats. When the flash goes off in the camera, it reflects on their fur and they look like cat aliens and it can be VERY SCARY...but in this picture, this light hit him in all the right places...isn't he gorgeous? He is such a good guy as to love him!


Cindy said...

He looks a lot like my Ricky does.

PinkPoochDesigns said...
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PinkPoochDesigns said...

Try this one, I don't know what my computer was doing!!

He's So handsome!! :0)

I have an orange cat names Oscar, I just love him so much

Denise said...

Your Big Kitty is so pretty....favors my Mr. Spock! I know what you mean--it is hard to get good pics. I hope they don't feel left out! :)

CastoCreations said...

Oh wow. He looks just like my Jazmyn! Only she's not so well groomed. :) And yes, it is hard to get a good photo of the dark black cats. lol