Sunday, January 11, 2009


The top two baubles are sleek, delicate dangles, which will garner lots of attention from the sparkle of a light amethyst, and the light light colorado topaz or champagne cubic zirconia briolette 3/4" long. It is a perfect match with the gold vermeil stem, 7/8" in length. Very light weight even with it's 2 5/8" length, with the 14k gold filled hook.

The photos of the bottom baubles are so pretty on!! Light weight, chandelier, very delicate, 5 champagne colored cubic zirconia flat briolettes, separated with gold vermeil nuggets, hanging from a featherweight gold vermeil component with 28 gauge wire. These can dress up any outfit, and will also garner lots of attention with the natural sparkle from the CZ's. There is a definite left and a right, so that these chandeliers face forward! 2 3/8" with the 14K gold filled hook. You can find these baubles and more in my Etsy shop. A portion of every sale is donated to JDRF.


Deronda designs... said...

Oh my, those are stunning.

Azure Islands Designs said...

The earrings are beautiful delicate looking but making a definite statement!!!

I would love to see your garnet earrings sometime!!


Triz Designs said...

they are all so gorgeous!!!! love all the colours you used!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Deronda...they're some of my favs...very simple, elegant, lots of sparkle!

Heather, I JUST ordered more of the garnets, and should have them by weeks end...tho, I could post the pair I have...these all look very good w/ TURTLENECKS...brrrr...we're headed for the deep freeze!!

Triz, it's so interesting, I realize that in Israel, the jewelry is very 'adorned', exotic almost, and stunning, given everything you have shown the US, we can do 'simple and elegant' and be happy. I'm all for big sparkle...hence, the CZ's!!!

The Muse said...

hi beautiful!
ahhh you have such a way to bring beauty to our hearts and eyes!

Vicki Arnold said...

Simply stunning.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Ms. Muse, you always touch me w/your words...posted on your blog, and Twittered for you to reach your goal...congrats on the 100th post!!!

Thank you very much Vicki Arnold!!

Bella Casa said...

How gorgeous!

I hope you will be able to join in on Etsy Party on my blog, Jan 26-30, the more, the merrier!!!