Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arts & Crafts for a Chuppah

My dear friend, Claire, asked me to help her with something 'artsy'. Without hesitation, I jumped in with a hearty, 'yes, of course!' Her cousins daughter is getting married in May. In the Jewish tradition, the happy couple is married under a chuppah. The chuppah is a canopy which consists of four poles, which symbolizes the home Bekah and Michael will build together. Their chuppah is something which they will treasure forever and it will remind them of their commitment to each other along with the love and support of their community. They asked each family member to participate in the 'building ' of their chuppah, by decorating a leaf, with words, drawings, embroidery, collage, tie dye, puppetry, mathematical equations, energetic manifestations or other creative expressions! The individual leaves will become part of the tree of life design on the chuppah.

What a wonderful idea, and a fun project for me. As a jewelry maker, we all have lots of baubles which we just know we will put to good use one day ( I right??). So, with some tiny faux pearls, some vintage rhinestones and a gold glitter pen, I had a lot of fun designing this leaf for my dear friend Claire's cousin's daughter (whew)! Wishing them many years of blessings and good health as they say 'I do' under this most unique chuppah!


Jennifer Robin said...

Your leaf is gorgeous. Are you making more than one? That is going to be one stunning chuppah; sort of a mixed media family project!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Jennie...nope the one it is...what a great idea...I would love to see the finished product...anywho, I hope they're pleased w/ Claire's addition to their tree....:))))