Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Opening of Another Show..

Yesterday was the 'virgin voyage' for the Craftopia creators. It was a good day. The event was well organized, the organizers were very thoughtful, the space was airy. I did 'okay'. I think that, as has been said by many a vendor, doing shows is unpredictable. I also think, however, the economy had alot to do with all the compliments, all the lookers, but not too much cash being doled out. It was the first show of the year, maybe not close enough to Mother's Day. Who knows. There is always a learning curve. I was happy to see some friends come out and enjoy the venue. My husband, as always, was and is invaluable with his support of my art, but also with the down and dirty task of lugging of tables, and crates. I could not do all of this without him. Thank you Jimmy, you are so appreciated.

Thank you again, Ladies of Craftopia. May this be the first of many shows for you. A job well done!

As a postscript, I must add, that many vendors did very well on Sunday!!!!


Deb DiSalvo said...

beautiful set-up Amy! Love the way you hang your pics. And yes, every show is unpredictable - I try to keep that mind focus going into every show. Don't you love having a hubby that lugs around everything! We are so lucky! Hope you had fun at your show.

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Amy,
I agree with Deb - the display looks great!

Is that a homemade hanging display? I love it!
(and I need to make one if I keep doing shows this year!)

we have experienced the same ups and downs here with shows. Some, which you expect to be well-attended, are deserted, while others are surprisingly busy.

what we do for art!!!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

MY PEEPS!!!...thank you Ladies...I realized that I simply needed to get the framed pics off of the table, for space purposes...these were built by one of 'our guys''s simply 2 pieces of peg board, hinged together from the back, so it folds for closing. I did the layout @ home, so when set-up time came, I wasn't improvising...the jewelry takes so much time...I have another single board, but didn't use it for this show...Christy Gal, I can see where something like this might come in handy for your show displays.

I actually had a good time @ the show..some friends came out, and there was a steady stream of good spirits stayed intact, not w/ out questions to myself during the, 'why am I doing this again???"...and YES Miss Deb, we are so lucky to have the hubby that lugs stuff...XXXXXXX

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh Amy, your display looks lovely! I'm so sorry we didn't make it to see you. Hubby had gone to play paintball on Saturday and was achy and slow moving on Sunday morning. It took me until 2:00 to get him moving enough to get outside to do our planned afternoon of yardwork. I so wanted to go up there and check out all the amazing artists we have here in RI! I have signed up for emails with Craftopia and hope they continue to do cool things like this in the future!

I agree about the economy- I did a craft show last month where I barely broke even. Lots of smiles and compliments, very few shoppers.

Keep at it- hopefully warmer weather will help people loosen their purse strings!

Azure Islands Designs said...

I agree your set up is great Amy...

Having your pictures up off the table also gets them at eye level which makes for better viewing...great idea Amy!!!

The first year I did shows was great for me then all of a sudden I had one really bad show which was a huge eye opener for me ... since then with that show in mind I decided never to attend a show with expectations...I've adopted the motto "it is what it is"...
I do agree with you though, I think the economy situation brings out many compliments & lookers but not nearly the shoppers! My last show the number of people even attending was way down...I did alright but the way I think of it is I had a great week end with my daughter and we had lots of fun!!!
I have a show in April and one in May just before the Market begins so we'll see what they bring!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Tara!!!..I left a comment on your blog...great work in the yard on Sunday...good for your guys!!! We planted a lilac bush a couple of years ago, and NOTHING, until today, when I noticed some buds...will take some pics...totally thrilled...the Craftopia Gals are terrific, and some vendors did very, it just was not totally my day...:((

Thank you Heather...the framed photos got alot of looks and it did give people a chance to look closely and study the pics to their hearts works! I have had the same experience...the first few shows I did were great, and then I did a couple which fell into the category of 'the longest day of my life'....this was a fun day, a number of friends and acquaintances dropped by, and my good spirits were still intact when I left...I had an emergency w/ Big Kitty yesterday, which I might post about...he is much better today, but, my goodness, I was totally wiped out today!!! Here's hoping that your upcoming shows are busy and UP!!!!!...:)))

WillOaks Studio said...

Your installation looks just terrific! Clean, fresh, well orgnized...I hope your season just goes up and up and up!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Karen...I really appreciate ALL the feedback from my 'extra-ordinaire' gifted blogging/Etsy have all encouraged me so much...yes, I hope for all of us, the season goes up and up and up...:))))))