Saturday, April 24, 2010

Violins and the Farmers Market??

Every now and then, something catches my eye, and I can't quite let go it go. Similar to my dairy cow, 'Gal', who caught my eye a couple of summers ago, I saw this violin shop at the indoor farmers market last year and I knew I had to take some photos. My initial thought was that if I got the right shot, it would make a fabulous card, or framed 5x7. Well, today, Jimmy and I ventured over there, because I needed some Gardeners Hand Cream from Earth Essence Herbals, and it was a perfect day to take some shots of the gorgeous violins in Dennis McCarten's shop. He not only makes violins, but repairs them as well. They hang beautifully, different woods and grains, different sizes, each one with it's own story. I wish I had had more time to speak with Dennis, but he had customers. I'll go back, probably with some cards in tow and continue my conversation with the very kind Dennis McCarten.


WillOaks Studio said...

Very cool--I especially like the two top images. Oh yes, these are definitely Amy cards!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Yes, the top 2 are the pics of choice...glad that you would like the whole indoor farmers market/little shops set-up's in a gi-normous old mill building where they used to make very solid structure...the place is always 'a-buzz'...:))

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great idea Amy...the top two photos are perfect card photos!!! I'm sure Dennis McCarten would love to see his violins on your cards!!!

In door Markets are fun...I love my Markets but we are at the mercy of the elements...which can give us a hard time on occasion!

I'm constantly looking for a "natural" hand cream that isn't greasy...I use natural products for my face but can't seem to find one for my hands!!! Most leave my hands too slippery. How does the Gardeners Hand Cream soak in???

Michelle said...

Violins are so beautiful IMHO. They do each have their own story. I loved the move "The Red Violin".

Secondary Roads said...

Love those violins and your photos transform them into complex textures.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Heather...I hope to make the cards love love the violins...and all lined up the way Dennis has them in his's just gorgeous!!

The hand cream is a little 'greasy', if you will, for me, at the onset, but it works very well...I have even been using the cream on my face...where I'm finding my skin LOVES it (at night), it's doing double duty...I've linked to her web site...hard to tell, I think w/out a test rub...yes??...and, yes, I remember well the pics of your wind-driven Farmers Market!!!...indoor, much more consistent...:))))

Michelle, I agree w/ you about the violins...ah are quite the movie buff, I see from your blog!!!!!...and your new kitten, off the charts sweet!

Well said, Secondary Roads...I was happy to see the different wood shades and textures show up so well on the macro shot...let's hope they read as well once I actually print out the photos!!!

FishHawk said...

Funny, those violins look an awfully lot like fiddles to me.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hey FishHwak...I found a link which might clarify:


FishHawk said...

Mere words cannot express how grateful I am over you clearing that up for me. For I have been unable to eat and sleep, and my wife has been crankier than usual.

Hopefully, it will be better now. Well, except for in the case of my wife. For she keeps insisting that it's me--not her. Hey, maybe you could help with that, too?