Sunday, June 13, 2010


I saw Dennis McCarten's violin shop at the indoor farmers market last year and I knew I had to take some photos. My initial thought was that if I got the right shot, it would make a fabulous card, or framed 5x7. Dennis McCarten not only makes violins, but repairs them as well. They hang beautifully, different woods and grains, different sizes, each one with it's own story.

The 'most liked' photo (as noted by you, my fellow bloggers) from Dennis McCarten's Violin Shop,
can be seen in my Etsy shop, Lilleypics.
1 card for $4.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the cards Amy, you are right, these make fabulous cards...

Dennis sounds like a talented man, I enjoy browsing wood working shops of all kinds, especially one such as this...looking at all the different colors & grains in each piece!!!

I love cards that are unique and these certainly are...but then you have a knack for choosing just the right shot!

Hope you had a great weekend...

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Heather, for always chiming in..your comments mean alot to keep those cards and letter coming...!!! would love his shop and he's such a nice guy too boot...I have a real love for old woods as well along w/ the soulful sound of the violin, so I was like a moth to the fire in this case!!...AND, glad that you like the cards...a beautiful day today in the Northeast...hope that you have the same gorgeous weather...:))

Mary Beth Johnson said...

I used to play the violin, and just loved the photos - really brought back memories. There's something so magical about the shapes and designs of a beautiful instrument. Gorgeous photography, Amy - very creative. Thanks so much for sharing.