Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aspray Boathouse Holiday Sale

The weather was perfect for December 11th. Sunny, 45 degrees. The Aspray Boathouse was a very busy place in the 1700's; now a refurbished and most lovely waterfront venue. The vendors were all ready to roll by 10:30AM. The shoppers were non-stop for a good part of the day as the Aspray show was planned in conjunction with a historic walk around Pawtuxet Village (founded in 1638 by Roger Williams). Some people left and came back with more cash in tow. I had my best day of sales to date...and for me, the thrill was that I was just selling the photos. Over 50 different cards, framed 4x6's, framed 5x7's. All the gluing, pressing, signing, dating, labeling, stuffing, matting and gluing some more, and framing (whew) paid off!! We were even treated to a live operatic performance at 5PM. I hope you can get a feel of the warmth of the venue, along with some of the gifted vendors from the photos!!
A hearty thank you to all who came out!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

I'm so happy for you Amy, isn't it a wonderful feeling when your work is appreciated this doesn't surprise me, your photos/cards are have a wonderful eye for detail!!!

It looks from your photos as though there was an eclectic mix of vendors/artists...the venue looks inviting as well...I do a market in the summer because I love the location...having said that sales are great but I'm always happy and look forward to getting up at 4:30 each Friday for this market...this location looks like one of those venues.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you so much Heather...YES, it was wonderful to have such a successful show...beyond never know...I've been to shows where I have been invisible (we've has this discussion)...this was just a great that you have a few of the cards in your hot hands, as you said, they are crisp and rich in color in helps to have real people. vs. Etsy or even the blog...yes, it was a diverse group, as good planning there was no overlapping of talents...4:30 is WAAAAAYYYYYYY too early for me...the Whole Foods farmers market I did from June-Sept., was 3-6PM...perfect...anywho, the venue was/is a delight...and, of course, I love love love the history...have a wonderful week up there in the North Bay...big hugs to you...XXXXXXX