Monday, December 27, 2010

Somone has the Right Idea....

We just have experienced 'the blizzard of 2010'. Extremely strong, hurricane force winds, a ton of snow and now the continued clean-up. NYC and New Jersey were totally pummeled. People have sent in the most wonderful photos from up and down the East Coast to the New York Times, numbering close to 1000. Check out the link to get your fill.

Oh, we did venture out today.We put on our thermals, sherpa boots, angora sweaters, fleece mittens, scarves and hats, and drove through the extremely picturesque Roger Williams Park in Providence. I'll go back during the week once the intense winds die down and hopefully get some lovely shots. We stopped into our favorite 'watering hole' in town and split a warm apple turnover and had some coffee. Baby, it was cold outside!!!!

In the meantime, Little Kitty, aka, Girl Whirl looked so sweet and so cozy in pink, I just had to get this shot of her...she definitely has the right idea!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Oh my look at the sure got "dumped on" didn't you. The Canadian eastern coast has had major issues as well...tons of snow/rain!!!

Happy to hear you are safe and warm...eating turnovers and drinking coffee...sounds just right for a cold blustery winters day!

Yes...someone does have the right idea and while I didn't take a nap yesterday I didn't do a darn thing, then went to our son & daughter-in-laws for chili...had the most enjoyable day!

I'll watch for more photos...

Tara Beaulieu said...

Love your photos, Amy- They remind me of vintage Christmas cards! We rode out the storm in our pjs watching football and finally ventured out to do a little post holiday shopping on Monday. It is still freezing out there though, man!

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