Saturday, January 29, 2011


When I look out the window on the first floor of the house, I see mounds upon mounds of snow... white...everywhere. When I look out of my son's bedroom window on the 2nd floor, I see icicles which are over 2 feet long, and I think; don't want to be under that when it falls...someone could get hurt. We need a break from this frozen tundra. Which leads me to my delicious find today at Target. I kind of needed new slippers, and kind of didn't. However, when I saw these, clearly, they had my name on them. When I tried then on, well, perfection! Even better, they were on sale, reduced from $17 to $4 and change. How could a gal possibly say no? I liken these yummy slippers to mac and cheese, hot chocolate with whipped cream, the coziest blanket, a roaring fire...yes, comfort, being the operative word. It really, truly doesn't take much too make me happy and these slippers have fit the bill to a 't'!!! So, we may be buried under all this snow until spring, but I know, for certain, my little feet will remain warm and toasty.....ahhhhh!


Azure Islands Designs said... the slippers, they look so comfy!!! At $4 & change who cares if you didn't "need" them :0)
a treat is a good thing once in a while, especially when it has your name on it!!!

Love the shot of the icicles...but yes they can be dangerous. This has definitly been a "white winter" for included! We've been lucky and not had storms just lots of snowy the time I got home from my walk on Friday my hair was white & completely soaked as it was snowing so much!!! I suppose if I'm honest this really is a traditional northern is just that we've not had traditional winters consistently for years!

It is what it is...
Enjoy your slippers...warm feet warm body!
Have a great Sunday Amy.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

YES!!!...Heather...the slippers have passed the test, as I will be living in them while @ home...along w/ the wool's all good...:))

The icicles are a the moment, they are melting w/ the afternoon sun and the temps being above freezing, but, yet again, we're getting a shot of your Arctic air tomorrow, and another storm right behind that for Tues/Wed...good thing that my house is colorful and I have alot of plants, because all this white can really make you want to stay under the covers until spring rolls you said, it is what it is...and again, the slippers are a keeper...:)))

enjoy your Sunday as well!