Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Madame Monet and her Son
oil on canvas
Claude Monet, 1840-1926


Christy DeKoning said...

I love how the green of the grass is repeated in the parasol.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Yes...I love this color palette...along w/ the breezy flow of this painting...LOVE Madame Monet up there on the cliff...:))

Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful always choose the most striking truly have an eye for art!!!

Haven't visited as I've been away...I'm back now so will be is the winter going...we still have tons of snow here and calling for snow until the end of March... :0(


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Heather, I'm so glad that you had a long change of scene..that must have really helped...I had a rough time this winter, but now, our snow is GONE..most thankful!! YIKES, I do not envy you and Christy...way too much snow!!!!!!

I'm headed to Washington, D.C. tomorrow for a couple of days in my 'role' as advocate for Juvenile Diabetes. We will meet once again w/ our senators and congressmen. Advocates from all over the US will be I'm looking forward to a great time!!

Welcome back...maybe when I get back, we can work on my 'header' together!!!