Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A very heartfelt, Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Mom's...

This paragraph was written by one of my dearest friends from our camp days in the Berkshires. These are her precious thoughts concerning her love for my Mom.

(The rest of this beautifully written piece can be found here.)

"Second, I am rapt in thought about a head counselor I had while at summer camp 45 years ago. Her name was Bunny and believe me, she was the grandest, sanest, smartest Bunny anyone could know. Today she is in her late 80′s and is ailing. I send her my love and gratitude for all the things she taught me (by example) and all the incredibly fun times we had together. Her daughter, Lilleyhope, is one of my dearest friends. Rather than search the web for an appropriate Mother’s Day video, photo or other visual stimulant (how many computers can I take down in one day????), I am sending you the link to Lilleyhope’s site for the most beautiful picture of all for this Mother’s Day.

If you need to chill a bit like I do, also have a visit to the Decorah, Iowa eagle’s nest. The three babies have grown significantly, thanks to the unflinching parenting of the Mama and Papa."


kml said...

What a great image for Mother's Day!

Hope yours is a special one for you!

Take care,

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I just fell in-love w/ this photo when I first saw it...volumes, it speaks graceful volumes...!!!

A very Happy Mother's Day to you as well Kathy...:))))

Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful photo...the epitome of mother hood!

Hope your day is filled with love Amy...wish your Mom an Happy Day for me!!!
Hugs for the two of you...