Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Violin Shop

I saw this violin shop at the indoor farmers market last year and I knew I had to take some photos. My initial thought was that if I got the right shot, it would make a fabulous card, framed or matted 5x7. Dennis McCarten not only makes violins, but repairs them as well. They hang beautifully, different woods and grains, different sizes, each one with it's own unique story.

Dennis McCarten has been making and repairing instruments for nearly 2 decades. This was a natural evolution from his lifelong love of wood and wood working and his immersion in Irish tradition music. His shop can be found in The Artists Village, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI.


Azure Islands Designs said...

This is a great shot Amy...if those violins could speak the stories they would tell!!! :~)

What a talented make such beautiful musical instruments!

Hope you have a wonderful coming week. Today is a holiday here in Canada...Victoria Day!

Not really a holiday for me as I've much to long as I don't get side tracked too long. :~)

Amy Lilley Designs said...

This is one of my favorite shots...the richness of the wood really speaks to me...and it looks great as a 5x7...

Getting ready for a show on the 11th of June, and have started moving into high gear to get it all done...the weather is getting better, so, we're praying for GREAT weather...and for your Saturday markets as well...:))...XXXXXXX