Friday, June 17, 2011

23rd Wedding Anniversary!!!

'Marriage Contract'
The Jewish Museum, New York, 1989
Acrylic and vinyl paint on canvas, relief print letters
35x30 inches

23 years ago tomorrow, my husband and I said our 'I do's'. We did not sign a traditional wedding contract, but, when I showed him this picture I have in my weekly date book, (from the Jewish Museum), on this very week of June 12-18, we were both ready to put our names on the dotted line. It seems like a life-time ago, (certainly, Edward's life-time). We made a commitment on that day, re-newed our vows on our 10th anniversary in the presence of Edward (he was so excited!!!), and now we find ourselves shaking our heads, in awe. The years have been marked, like everyone else, with joy and sorrow, life and death, good health and bad, for richer and for poorer. We are still standing, very much a unit, a team, one in spirit. We find, that more than anything, we are grateful, extremely grateful for one another. We think that's a great place to be after 23 years!!

Happy Anniversary Jimmy!!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy anniversary, you two. You are a match made in Heaven!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Happy Anniversary dear Amy to you and your Jimmy!!! I love what you've written about your life together it speaks volumes to the relationship the two of you have!

I hope your day is filled with love!
Here is hoping for 23 more...a toast to you both.

liz said...

Happy Anniversary! 23 years- Great going!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you is always a most pleasant surprise when I see that you have left a comment...who would have 'thunk' about THIS match...XXXXXXX

Thank you dear Heather for the good's certainly been all of what I said, and like life, then some...Jimmy is on his way back from a conference in Virginia...we'll celebrate later today or tomorrow...looks like an excellent beach day, then maybe out to dinner...XXXXXXX

Thank you Liz...seriously shaking our heads...:)))))