Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rocks to Rainbows..

So, we decided to high tail it to the beach this afternoon. A perfect 'beach day', it was not, but we thought if we could get a good walk in, maybe some rock collecting, a nap and a nosh, it would be a well spent afternoon. I took off first, with my precious yellow bucket for the rocks. I managed a good haul, (although these pics are a mere sampling) from a fairly good choice of rocks (versus awesome...when there are simply waaaaay too many!!), as I took my sweet time in the search. We are in no rush at the beach. I had not looked back towards Pt. Judith. When I did turn around, a heavy dense fog had descended upon the beach. I picked up the pace a bit, as I could only see about 100 feet in front of me, and it was getting dark. I can always pick out our real estate by our umbrella, but I could not see it. I started to get nervous. Finally, after what seemed like a much longer walk than it was, I found Jimmy, snug as a bug, and asleep. He had his iPhone 'plugged in', so I called his name a few times before I woke him up. He was shocked when he looked around him and realized that he could not see well past the few people sitting near us....thus began the afternoon of weather. We saw it all, from the thick, thick fog at the beach, to beautiful breaks of sun, to extremely overcast threatening skies, to heavy downpours, all leading to what I simply knew was coming...yes, a rainbow. It was in the air, you knew it was out there someplace after that last rain. Sure enough, the photo is taken from the upstairs of our home looking east...always a most welcome sight, instantly imparting a childlike sense of wonder, seasoned with a ray of hope. We got it all, the walk, the rock collecting, a nap, of course, the nosh, all topped off with that beautiful rainbow...I would say, a good time was had by all!!


Tara Beaulieu said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon! And how lucky you saw a rainbow!

We took the motorcycle to Tiverton and hit that dense fog on our way back on the Newport Bridge. That was a little scary, but then the sun broke through by the time we got back to Narragansett and it turned into a lovely evening. :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great rocks you use them for your gardens?

I love the beach, I always feel at home there...I guess that is why I've always felt as though I should have been born south. :~) I remember shortly before I was ten talking with my parents who had just returned from Florida telling them we should all move there...didn't happen then but my mother has been living 6 months of the year in Florida for about 5 years now!!!

Did you make a wish on the beautiful rainbow? I don't see many as pretty as that one...lucky you!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Tara, it was amazing how I knew I knew I knew that it was rainbow weather...the question was, where and glad I saw it...I'll bet that was a little scary going over the bridge on a motorcycle just as the fog rolled was almost like a snow squall...glad that you too, had a lovely evening!!!!

Oh Heather, I have been putting the rocks in huge glass vases and use them for decoration (and sometimes to hold down my card display @ the Farmers Market!!) hour @ the beach can be extremely know Jimmy and I are beach babies..and next week is our official 'Beach Week'...Jimmy's, that's where you go to warm your bones in the dead of winter...GOOD for your Mom...and so glad that you have a chance to visit the ocean...I would be hard pressed to be too far away from the water...and yes, I did make a wish...XXXXXXX