Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Stone House

Amazing that this structure is still standing!!!
Looking over the ocean, a great place for a kitchen!!
From the inside, we'll need a custom window here!
The view from the front door!!!!!
The back wall of the Stone House!!

This is the beginning of our annual 'Beach Week'. We have such beautiful beaches here in Rhode Island. We have made our selves at home at East Matunuck. We have been going there for almost 10 years, and over the years we have learned that families have been coming to this beach, to 'their' respective spots, for generations. However, this year, there is a glitch. The beach house, for changing, showering, food, etc., has being torn down for a newer, shinier model. (A huge structure!) As a result, there are only 300 parking places. The field has been narrowed big time!! Alas, early as we were yesterday, there was no room at the inn, if you will. So, we made our way to Scarborough. It is very similar to Jones Beach in New York. A ga-zillion people, a sea of umbrellas...but beautiful surf and waves. For me, grumpy as I was to be forced out of my beloved Matunuck, yes, people there was a silver lining. There is a cliff walk. A narrow path, overlooking the ocean, full of rich foliage, which went on and on and on. Jimmy and I literally walked our brains out. The beach must be double the length of Matunuck...we walked that as well. But, it was this Stone House which really captured my attention. I was amazed at the old do you think it is?I have looked on-line and there is very little information on it's history. But, I was already putting in a kitchen and decorating as soon as I went 'inside'. This morning, I read that there is alot of poison ivy in the area, immediately started itching, and some bumps appeared on my arm. Great, I thought, 12 summers in the Berkshires, and I never got poison visit to the Stone House, and well, I'll keep you posted!!!

Have a safe and Happy July 4th America!!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

What a great week it will be Amy!!! Don't forget to post lots of photos.

Such a grand old structure...I googled it and one source stated, due to the construction, they didn't think it was any earlier than the early 17th century, so well done!

Hope you don't have a bad case of poison ivy!!!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Ahhh, welcome to my neck of the woods (or sea as the case may be, lol!) I have been a Scarborough girl for the last 13 years. I love it most during the winter and spring though. It's a little TOO jammed with people during the summer. We do go some times, but this year we've been down at Wheeler Beach a lot. It's far less crowded and still have the showers, toilets, etc. :)

Hope you had a great 4th weekend!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

It has been a challenging week, Heather...the beach, on Monday and today was covered in a thick dense fog, which just would not move...we left early on Monday and again today...however, today, we went straight to our old neighbors pool and THAT was perfection!!!...we're heading back to the beach again tomorrow (Tuesday I did the Farmer's Market)...

YES, I saw the same piece you did about the Stone 'reeked' of AWESOME history...what a story it must have to tell...!!!

The poison ivy was purely, 'the power of suggestion'...although I did have a couple of suspicious bumps on my arm...thank goodness!!!!

Tara...YIKES!!!...Scarborough is another 'animal', compared to Matunuck!!!...but perfect for you and your young family...besides, you do live right there!!! An excellent beach during the winter for long walks...I can see from whence your love affair comes...:))

Hope that you and yours are staying cool and that you too, had an excellent 4th!!