Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Gift

Okay, it happened. I was driving back from U-haul after picking up yet another round of packing supplies, and then it happened...I wasn't even listening to any music. That sudden rush, of feeling totally overwhelmed bubbled over and I literally had to pull over. I called Jimmy and he so kindly said a prayer and calmed me down. I told him I thought about going to see my friend Claire, but I was sure that even w/ a mere 'hello', I would burst into tears. As a friend, he said, she would want me to come and see her in her antique shop. I did a blog post about Claire in October of 2009. She has what I think is one of the most beautiful and genuine antique shops in all of Rhode Island. Antique Haven. An eye full would be an understatement. I leave Rhode Island w/ numerous items from her shop, from an old and very delicate amethyst ring, to a couple of old framed prints and a large Franciscan water pitcher, just to name a few...there's more...hey we've been here for 10 years. Anywho, I went to see Claire, as predicted, I burst into tears the second I saw her, we hugged, and then we just talked and talked and talked, which is what we always do when we see one another. When we were both sensing that it was time for me to leave, she looked at me and she said, 'From my heart, you are like a daughter to me, please pick anything from the store and take it w/ you, as a gift.' I did not question her sincerity. I slowly started walking around the store (feeling the fullness of the moment I thought of Indiana Jones picking the right cup...remember that???). I picked this vase. It stands about 10" tall.
It is perfect, I love it and I love my very dear friend Claire.


Azure Islands Designs said...

It was bound to happen fact it had to happen! You can't help but have a few heart felt sad moments about leaving a home/area you loved for the last 10 years...

Once you get to Colorado you will have Jimmy close. I know it will be wonderful!

I'm so happy you had your friend Claire to be there for you when you needed to talk...the vase is gorgeous a wonderful reminder of your beloved Providence

Take care...XX

Amy Lilley Designs said...

It was certainly bound to happen...just not while I was, Claire was wonderful...going back to the shop on Monday and we'll go out for some coffee...this is going to be a tough week of goodbyes...friends coming over to pick up plants and hugs...YIKES!!!...thank you thank you thank you for your continued support and love...I can FEEL IT...XXXXXXX