Saturday, February 11, 2012


View from Target...the parking lot...can you even believe???
Notice Lowes down the hill...seriously...???
A little step back..

I mentioned it in the 'peppers' post, adjusting or acclimatising to living so far above sea level is very real. The air is dry and thin. The lack of air and humidity will most definitely effect you. One of the most important things you can do is to drink a ton of water. I am very tiny and have found myself drinking 40-70 ounces of water every day. (Can you even imagine...all the rest rooms I have 'visited' are lovely!) You have to or you will get dizzy, start cramping up, get headaches, have heart palpitations. It is a way of life. So, we are 1/2 way into week 3 here in Colorado Springs, and I am making the adjustments. BK sits by the sink, waits, and will have himself a long tall drink of water. It's interesting. Here is how Wikipedia describes a the effects of living in a high altitude on humans:

'Acclimatisation to high altitude continues for months or even years after initial ascent, and ultimately enables humans to survive in an environment that, without acclimatisation, would kill them. Humans who migrate permanently to a higher altitude naturally acclimatise to their new environment by developing an increase in the number of red blood cells to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, in order to compensate for lower levels of oxygen in the air.'

These pics, are you ready, were taken from the parking lot of our Super Target (love super Target)! This is the range of mountains I wake up to every morning. I am finding that the first word out of my mouth in the morning seems to be, 'Wow'...everyday.


Azure Islands Designs said...

I think WOW is the perfect sentiment first thing in the morning!!! Stunning to look at.

I hear you regarding drinking all that water...I can drink anything else and not have an issue but when I drink plain water it goes right through me, :~)

I look forward to more wonderful photos!

Jenny said...

I can't wait to see more photos! Every one you have posted is absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoy the water, the frequent visits and the beauty created by the One and Only!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

What is amazing to me Heather is that everyday, the same mountain range gives us something 'new' least it is new to me...yes, I have said that being a New Yorker, walking fast and in heels, has come in handy when racing to those ladies rooms...LOL!!!!!

Miss J!!!! good to see you chime in...I have more pics...and am looking at new cameras...I need an update...the majesty, the beauty created by the One and Only is pics, so far, are not doing the mountains justice!!!