Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So, We Spent the Day in Manitou Springs...

A Sugar Daddy could last for days..
..and days...
Smack these babies on the ground to crack the bar..remember??

..the many choices for olive oil tasting...interesting!!!

"Manitou", a Native American word for "spirit", describes this beautiful mountain community. Eleven naturally carbonated mineral spring fountains, located throughout this Historic town, run free for all who wish to enjoy the healing benefits. The Ute, Cheyenne and other Native Americans considered this area sacred for the healing springs and clean mountain air.

Manitou Springs is a vibrant artisan community...as a New Yorker, my thought was that it was as if the East Village and Colorado had merged. We spent the afternoon in the Historic District where the streets are lined w/ one of a kind gift shops. There was alot of pottery, stunning photographs for days, of the mountains in extraordinary color, from all seasons, jewelry, and clothes. What struck us was 'The Olive Tap'. Similar to wine tasting, there were over 30 varieties of olive oil. You taste, sample, make your own brand, if you will. We decided, that on the next visit, we would give this a whirl. There was the 'au natural' bath and body shop. I loved it because of all the concoctions, you are presented with the basic product, but, in this store, you are able to pick and choose from the many handmade oils and fragrances to put in your product...very personal. We ate at 'The Sahara Cafe', a Mediterranean restaurant where we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious and authentic the falafel and humus plates were. We only covered a portion of this interesting place called Manitou Springs.

I could have taken alot of pictures, but I just wanted to 'take it all in' on our first visit. It's just about 1/2 hour from Colorado Springs. However, right before we were ready to leave, we walked into a store which sold handmade fudge and we quickly realized that they also were a blast from the past as they had candy from our childhood. Turkish taffy...remember??? You would smack in on the ground to break it up. It got me into big trouble once when I had braces on my teeth. Turkish taffy was most definitely off limits, but I had some anyway and pulled out an entire side of my bottom brace. I still remember how 'not happy' my orthodontist was w/ me at the time. And, of course, the Sugar Daddy, of which we all have fond memories, especially from camp. On movie night we would all go the the Social Hall, armed w/ our Sugar Daddy's in tow, knowing that it would outlast any movie...except maybe, Dr. Zhivago. So, of all the sights, here are my pics of the candy...go figure!!

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