Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Juniper and Blazing star...

I have been waiting. I had no idea what spring in Colorado was going to offer in terms of flowers and foliage. The mountain has turned green...who knew??? The evergreens are plenteous. I can just hear Bob Ross saying, 'Put a tree here, it's a happy tree, maybe in our world there lives another happy little tree over there..'. There are alot of purple flowers, Iris, Larkspur, Juniper, Blazing Star. I had 1 Columbine perennial in Rhode Island, but it is the state flower of Colorado, so I am seeing many more variations...very pretty, very delicate. Lilac bushes and trees are everywhere and for the most part have come and gone, but we enjoyed bringing some cuttings in the house for it's beauty and unmistakable fragrance. It is only mid-spring. We are off to a good start!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

WOW...simply stunning!!! Thank you so much Amy for sending me the link!!! I just love the colors especially the purples...what a gorgeous view for you to have! I can see some wonderful cards coming...:~)

Hope all is well with you and yours Amy...I'm having a difficult time getting back to blogging? Not sure why as I do miss my blogging friends!

Be well...enjoy the colors and please don't hesitate to pass them along!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Heather Heather I have missed you...I HAD TO send you this link,knowing your love for all things purple...these certainly will make beautiful cards...which I have not done since the big move...:)))

We are well and we really do love it here...I still check you blog every day looking for a new post...I guess sometimes we just need a break or lose steam for blogging...I will most definitely keep you posted, as they say...BE WELL...XXXXXXX