Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The 'Big' Experiment...Update!

Remember what everything looked like 2 months ago...
Four varieties of basil, honeysuckle, sweet red peppers
Greek oregano, sweet green peppers, purple basil, dill, cilantro, honeysuckle, clematis
Beautiful, plentiful basil
Greek oregano growing low and spreading out, purple basil, sweet peppers, dill, cilantro, honeysuckle, clematis
One of 4 lavender plants..in big terra cotta planters..
A MOST welcomed guest...
Look @ him/her!!!!
It was an experiment. I was compelled to plant, to grow things, to somehow replicate 'a garden'. I had no soil to speak of and it bears repeating, (as I still can hardly believe it), we are 6000 feet in the air. The discovery of the raised garden bed was my only hope. So, w/ a 50 pound bag of mulch from Whole Foods, many many many many cubits of soil later, earth worms (yes, I actually went to Petco and bough a container of about 50 earthworms...no laughing), full sun and water, I would say that the garden has been 95% successful. I now have 4 kinds of basil, and have been enjoying the flowerettes this year as well. There is nothing like fresh dill on baked salmon. Cilantro...I have found that w/ the cilantro as well, the flowerettes are not as strong as the leaf. Add the cilantro (leaf or flowerettes) to some roughly mashed avocado, chopped tomatoes, a pinch of Kosher salt, a dash of lemon juice and some olive oil...oh my goodness, what a burst of flavors! My Greek oregano is a gift which keeps on giving. I had enough from last years' garden in Rhode Island to bring to Colorado, and now, I can see that I will have my fill once again...hopefully to taking me right through the winter and into next years' planting. I have planted red and green peppers which are now starting to blossom, along w/ tomatoes which are also starting to flower. The honeysuckle vines are growing up the trellis, along w/ the clematis, which has blossomed. I did loose one clematis and the strawberries just whithered. I also have 4 lavender plants growing which I will cut back when the weather cools and dry for their calming aroma. It is wonderful to wake up every morning to the sight of all this green, to touch the soil, to see how everything has grown overnight. Next year, maybe 2 more raised garden beds...in the meantime, 'whew'...really grateful!


Azure Accessories said...

lol...what a wonderful garden! Congratulations on such a bounty of growth...I know you are thrilled as you should be!

Love the grasshopper photos...

Take care my friend!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Heather...just spotted my first sweet green pepper yesterday morning...such a proud moment...Mr. Grasshopper stayed long enough for his pose...:))))...XXXXXXX