Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 1776 & 1826

A little history...the celebration of our Nation's 50th birthday was saddened this day in history by the death of our second president, John Adams. It was the eloquent Adams who had so persuasively defended Thomas Jefferson's DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE before the Continental Congress in 1776, ultimately leading to the birth of this new Nation. It may have been the last time Adams and Jefferson agreed on anything. Among the 56 signers were both of the men most responsible for the Declaration's existence, Adams and Thomas Jefferson.On his death bed on Independence Day, 1826 John Adams uttered his last words. They were "Thomas Jefferson survives." It is rumored that upon Adam's death the messenger dispatched to carry the news to Jefferson's Virginia home actually passed a messenger dispatched from THAT site to Adam's home, also bearing sad tidings. Just a few hours earlier Thomas Jefferson had passed away….both architects of the document that gave birth to this new Nation dead, 50 years to the day from the birth of the country they founded!!

Happy July 4th!!! 

ps. This is my 500th post!!!!


Azure Accessories said...

Thank you for sharing Amy! I never tire of learning new "things" regardless of what the topic is...
Congratulations on your 500th!

Happy belated July 4th to you Amy!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

When I watched the PBS series, 'John & Abigail', this 'ending', of course was part of the just proves fact is better than Hollywood ending could have come up w/ this....thank you for all your good wishes...:))))

Pansylee VanMeteren said...

Thanks for sharing this. A very informative post. :)