Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Diabetes Day and the Special Diabetes Program

When I worked as the Government Relation 'person' for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, (JDRF) in Rhode Island, I had the awesome opportunity to pound the halls of the Congress and Senate, along w/ all the other GR Advocates in the country, to help pass legislation for the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). We were successful in our bid to re-new the $150 million dollars slated for research for Type 1 diabetes. As of today, this program is in danger of losing funding. I learned from our Senators and Congressmen, that when calls are made to their office, and ALOT of calls, they pay attention. So, today is World Diabetes Day and there is a 'call' around the Globe to get in touch w/ our State's Senators and Congressmen to help keep this money in place for the ever important cutting-edge research.

Since inception, the SDP has demonstrated tangible results. The program has enabled scientists to make significant advances in cure therapies, prevention studies and treatment improvements (including the Artificial Pancreas Project and groundbreaking advances in vision improvement among people with diabetic eye disease), and is an essential component of federal investment in diabetes research. The SDP is funded at $150 million per year, and is currently operational until September 2013. However, multi-year funding must be renewed this calendar year to continue large-scale trials, proactively plan next steps to maximize research opportunities, and to most effectively allocate research dollars without interruption.

Renewal of the SDP is JDRF’s top legislative priority for 2012. This program has enjoyed strong bipartisan support from Congress since its inception. The SDP has proven itself to be worthy of federal investment as it is improving the lives of those who have diabetes, and will help reduce healthcare costs for our country in the long-term. This critical program provides nearly 35% of the publicly-funded type 1 diabetes research at NIH. Without a timely multi-year renewal of the program, clinical trials will slow down or halt and JDRF will not be able to fill the gap.

For Edward and the entire Type 1 & 2 Diabetes community, I will be calling our Senators and Congressmen here in Colorado. We believe w/ every fiber of our beings that the research must continue, as we so clearly see the cutting edge advances and look to the future for the ultimate cure!!


Azure Accessories said...

I'm sure in this day and age it is difficult to be heard...there are so many places funding could go. Hopefully the powers that be will pay attention to the advances made possible with their funding in the past and see fit to renew the SDP!!!

Good luck Amy...I know you can see this through!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

The 'powers that be' really do listen, at experience we had w/ one of the 'Elder' statesmen's legislative health aide, was that she said to us, it was so nice to meet people who were sincere...we could say the same thing, however, JDRF raises alot of money, so when speaking we were not begging for money...the SDP is well known, as is JDRF, 'on the Hill'...we'll see how it plays out...thank you thank you for your good wishes for the renewal...XXXXXXX said...


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