Sunday, April 21, 2013

You Know What This Means...

Great burlap coffee bean bags, full of 'fresh' compost...thank you Whole Foods!

50 lb. bags of Whole Foods own compost!
Raised garden beds, after the long Winter...
Last years garden yielded so much in joy, and herbs, and color and the wonderful hum of bees...looking forward!

Well, this week was riveting to say the least. Edward made his way to Boston on Thursday, and much to his surprise, wound up on lock-down with the rest of the City on Friday. The stories of healing and heartbreak keep rolling in all in the same breath. Sweet Caroline. I have stopped watching for now. Edward flies back in tomorrow night.

Last year, I 'happened upon' a 50 pound bag of compost, a gift from Whole Foods and my garden was happy happy happy. I was not going to miss that opportunity again! Following the Colorado Springs Whole Foods on Facebook, I saw that yesterday was the day! Jimmy high tailed it over there, and we picked up 3 bags of, might I add, free, compost of their own making. So, you know what this means, this is a great sign, a hopeful moment, that re-planting is in the air, that I can start playing in the dirt once again. Planning a new garden is always exciting and this year is no different. I am wondering if the earth worms I bought lived through the winter, do they need to be replaced. Maybe I'll go digging later and see if I can spot any. Will the Greek Oregano actually come back, will the Honeysuckle bush start to sprout? They should. The work will be easier, as we will not be building the raised garden beds, although I did enjoy the process. I did discover that you can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and purchase wood pallets for about $15, and they are multi-purpose, multi-functional, already nailed together pieces of wood. I might make a potting table with 1 or 2 of them. We'll see. In the meantime yesterday was a start, a joyful, hopeful moment, exactly as Spring should be!

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