Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So, in the middle of Colorado's 'Siberian Express' in early December, I thought, this could prove to be a long long winter. One of the best cure-all's for me has always been a jigsaw puzzle. I grew up doing them w/ Mom, and some tough one's at that. We even did a Jackson Pollack once. Off I went to Barnes & Nobel, and scoured their jigsaw puzzle section. Some just looked way too easy, and really, what would be the point. After some talking to myself, I chose the above pictured Ravensberger, 3000 piece puzzle. That should do it, I thought. Well, first, I had to figure out where in this house I was going to actually do this monster of a puzzle, and on what surface. After a couple of failed attempts, Jimmy and I finally came up w/ the perfect spot on the perfect surface...and the games began. The border was relatively easy, as it is a given. Here is what I have found so far. Anyone who does puzzles, will understand this. It rules. It tells you how it is going to work and you just have to play along. I have also found that to actually sit down and 'work' on it requires hours. It needs all your attention and you have to go through each piece over and over and over again once it starts growing. What I love about looking for that needle in a haystack, is that when you 'happen upon' a certain piece you know it, you know exactly where it goes. (Singing, 'Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...'). An 'issue' which I have to deal w/, is that I have blepharitis in my eyes. I think it came from (the best I have been able to figure) a combination of events colliding. Dry eyes, allergies, possibly picking up 'something' during our long stays @ the hospital w/ Mom...just a theory. Anywho, it cannot be cured, controlled, but not cured. So, when working on the puzzle, or doing any tedious visual work for hours on end (like making cards), I feel it, things become blurry and I have to stop and rest my eyes. Annoying, that's all. All this to say, I am taking my time.
After all, it is just mid-January.
Will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

lol...I'm laughing with you Amy!!! I like that you think of it as a challenge...doing puzzles has never been something I've done much of, not sure why just never did. This looks like an awesome challenge...I can't wait to see a photo of the finished piece! Yes, enjoy, but take your time...don't want to hurt those beautiful eyes! take care my friend... H

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Yes, it is worth a good giggle Heather...a jigsaw puzzle really is a group sport, and I have no help from the sidelines...sniff sniff...taking my time is a must, but is should get 'easier' as it fills in (says she..)...you take care too!!!!!

WillOaks Studio said...

Hi Amy and great to scroll your blog to catch up on you! I have begun to try to "drop in" after a couple of years of being mostly "dropped out." It's slow for me....but so good to see Colorado is serving you so well!! Joy to you! Karen

Amy Lilley Designs said...
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Amy Lilley Designs said...

Karen, so wonderful to hear from you...so so sorry about your dog, and the link to your Dad...my Mom passed a year and 1/2 ago, and it has been quite the 'process', if you will. Glad to see that you have kept up w/ your blog, as so many have 'gone dark'...LOVE the new pieces...really stunning!!!!

Colorado is a photographers playground...literally...my vision has expanded in breadth and width...very grateful!!!

Much joy to you as well!!!