Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2 Week Puzzle Progress!

 Edward: 'Mom, you are aware that you are talking to yourself!'
Me: 'If you were working on this puzzle, you would be talking to yourself too!'
Well, my goal right now is to see the puzzle connect horizontally. I can most definitely see a huge difference in the number of pieces I am rummaging through (way down from the original 3000) to find the gold, if you will. So, in some respects it is easier. However, it remains a difficult puzzle. I can see that I am going to be left with a ton of gray pieces for the dolphins and another ton of light blue for the ocean.  In the very short run, this challenge was a really god idea!
Old man winter is still sticking around!

A postscript :
From my friend who lives on Long Island (back East):
Next year buy a 200 piece puzzle - then maybe it wouldn't be snowing every week here - Somehow I think this long cold winter is your fault, just so you could do a puzzle!!!

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