Friday, February 28, 2014

The 18th Mile (or so) of the Marathon....

This is a pic of the WHOLE enchilada..
My friend, back East, who has blamed me for the harrowing Winter many in the States are experiencing, simply because I had to tackle this 3000 piece puzzle, has given me a deadline....she has had enough!!! Make sure you send me a video, she said, when you put the last piece in because I will immediately start looking for signs of Spring. We have had a very good laugh for a Winter which still needs some comic relief  (so so sorry East coast). I have made progress since 'East Meets West'. I feel as if I am on the 18th mile of a marathon. The end is calculated, but no less difficult. I am left with blue (the water) and gray (the dolphins) pieces!!! The days are markedly longer here in Colorado, which works in my/your, here is to a quick sprint to the end with the hope of Spring and that very first daffodil making an appearance!!!

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