Friday, March 7, 2014

The Finish Line is in Sight!!!

Finished the blue blue...
While still working on the 'blues'..
Yet to be completed large and 'smaller' dolphins...
As a whole...48"x32"!!!!
Truth be told, I am somewhat obsessed at this point to finish the puzzle. I think that being an artist has helped because so much of this puzzle has been about 'hues'. The blue-blues, to the aqua-blues, to the light-blues, to the gray-blue hues, to the almost white blues. Now onto the grays for the dolphin. The almost white grays, to the green-grays, to the blue-grays, to the almost charcoal grays, and everything in-between. Shapes are also key. However, with many pieces, I have looked at them, once they fit, saying 'Really??' (yes, still talking to the puzzle....).

The discussion has moved on to, what to do with the puzzle when completed. I am probably going to use Mod Podge to seal it and give it more stability. Then I can choose a backing and it will be a done deal. I am also thinking of donating it to the children at one of the community centers, where Jimmy has been doing so much work!I have my sights set on doing many more jigsaw puzzles, BUT, I will limit myself to 1000/1500 pieces, or whatever fits on Mom's old bridge table.

Lessons learned, and then again, re-learned from this marathon. You cannot fit a circle into a square space. Things will happen when they happen, and then rather quickly. You cannot force it. You can try, but it just will not work, and you will walk away frustrated and bleary-eyed too boot. Not worth it. You really can do anything you set your mind to. It all seems rather basic, but the whole point of doing this puzzle was to stay busy during this Winter, when it was below zero and everything was shut down. Granted, in Colorado, we have not had 1/2 the Winter that the rest of the country is still muddling through, but, Winter nonetheless.Clearly it, (the puzzle) has taken on a life of its own, and has been a fun conversation piece. So, excuse me while I go put a dolphin a storm gathers on the horizon...

Postscript: after working on the puzzle on this wintry snowy day, I have 30 pieces left...looks like tomorrow is the big day !!!
FINISHED, Saturday, March 8!!!

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ghia girl said...

This winter project has been so soothing to watch (at times), it has created laughter and tears of joy. I saw the first crocus this morning, so surely spring has arrived on the east coast. Surely spring will spread to Colorado soon.