Sunday, May 25, 2014

After the Storms...Those Skies!!!

These days a good old fashioned Spring thunderstorm storm in Colorado, has turned into a weather event. Alarms going off, flash flood warnings and watches...all from the gi-nomous burn scars from the Waldo Canyon of 2012 fire, mentioned in the previous post, and the Black Forrest fire of last year. The mountain scar no longer retains water and as a result all the 'normal' flow of water which was soaked into the mountain, now runs down the mountain, bringing with it anything in its path. Mitigating has been worked on all year to help curb the flooding, but it has only been a year and there is still more work to do. We took a long afternoon drive yesterday, as the skies were in 'after the storm mode'! Everywhere, every glance, every turn of the head was another gorgeous scene of cloud formations, dark threatening skies, big big landscapes, as far as the eye could see. And, yes, the cows were lying down, as it did thunder and lightning later that evening...torrential. I took 33 pictures, deleted a few, did some editing on others. These were all taken within 1 hour in the late afternoon north of Colorado Springs!


L-A said...

Beautiful skies, we had lots of rain in Scotland today and then a blue sky too.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Yes, the skies were jaw-dropping...I could not take enough was just beautiful. Glad that your Scotland skies were blue for you today!!!