Saturday, May 10, 2014

'Bunny's'...Many Bunny's!!

Mom and Me...
'Daisie Bunnykins', Doulton & Co.

Made in Italy
Tureen or planter
Made in France with Daisie...
It was bound to happen. Mom's nick name was 'Bunny'. It started innocently enough. There was that very first bunny with the cotton coming out of it's, well, bottom...and we used it, I remember. Then it started. They began to multiply, as bunnies do. Before anyone knew it there were bunnies everywhere. Mom had to send out an executive order,  'NO MORE BUNNIES!!'

The very first bunny, (photo) Mom gave to me because she said it reminded her of 'us'. She cried. I cried. The pics of the bunnies are of just a few, which I treasure. I am always looking at 'bunny anything'. You would be surprised @ all the merchandise out there w/ Mom's name on it. I have, so far, refrained from starting the reproduction cycle all over again...whew!! When she died, we distributed some of the bunnies to relatives and close friends. Everyone loved receiving them, as they knew that they were getting a treasured piece of her, and each person expressed how precious, it meant so much. From Steuben glass, to inexpensive glass, to wood and metal (one is a coin bank which Edward has), to porcelain, to Limoges, made in Italy, and back to France, to Rosenthal, ceramic and soapstone, and on and on and on! So, on this 2nd Mother's Day without her, I honor and treasure her memory...'Bunny's....Many Bunny's!!'



Gina Shaw said...

A wonderful tribute to an extraordinary woman!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you thank was the best way to remember her on Mother's Day!!!