Sunday, November 1, 2015

T1D Looks Like Edward...

It is November 1st. It is November 1st, wow, how did we get here so fast. I was planning to go for one last spin in the lake yesterday, but I was told the water temps were 52 degrees and too cold for rentals, but, hey, come down anyhow, said the nice guy @ the Marina. God forbid I should fall out of the kayak, get hypothermia and wind up on the 6 o'clock news. So, until next Spring...I am just starting to accept that we are flying through Autumn. We turned the clocks back last night, so what will the gifted Colorado skies bring us tonight. We shall see. Much more important than anything I have just rattled on about, is that November is Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Month. JDRF has come up with 'T1D LOOKS LIKE ME' for this years campaign. I love it!!!

This morning, I began thinking about how far Edward has come since he was diagnosed in 2002. From multiple shots of insulin a day, to the nightmare of 8th grade, to books and books and more books of logging in formulas, times, carbs, insulin ratios, to locking himself in the bathroom the first Summer before he went to Camp Joslin (for diabetic kids from around the world), to claiming his independence when he started using the insulin pump, to receiving the Most Outstanding Staffer award that last Summer, after many Summers attending Camp Joslin. Mom and I cried, it could have been a Nobel Peace Prize. He lived through college. And I literally mean, he did not die when he went off to college as I knew we were on the clock teaching him how to manage his daily health care on his own. Daily health care for T1D=24/7, everyday of every year, there is no break. Camp helped allot, but it was a scary time as his Mom. He did a great job and clearly, most thankfully, he lived. He is 26 now. He is healthy, he works out, he eats well, he is a productive member of society, he is adorable. These were our goals for him as his parents, and we achieved them. Edward has his hopes and dreams well in tact, but collectively, we are all still praying for a cure. 

I am a T1D Mom!!!

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