Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Orchid Show

So, allot has changed since Christmas, however, life marches forward, and so it has, right to the annual Orchid Show at The Denver Botanic Gardens. Last year, I was still using my trustee little Nikon, but this year, my sweet, not so new anymore, Sony has proven worthy. I have been studying up on how to take photos of flowers and I am so pleased with these results. The Orchids are ridiculously colorful, delicate, sensuous, strong, and very very tricky to bring  to full bloom. Hats off to the miracle workers at the Gardens for making this feast for the eyes, beauty for the soul, happen. It was an usually warm day, so the greenhouse sliders were open, and instead of glass and steel for some of the backgrounds, I had full access to the big Colorado skies. I took my time, met some nice people along the way, and lo and behold...for those of you on social media, I will be posting the 6 pics you have not yet seen on my Instagram feed, but spreading them out over the next many days, so, enjoy twice over. For those of you not on social media, enjoy!
'O Lord, how manifold are your works!'  Psalm 104:24

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