Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

For Chris, yet and still...

Senju Waterfall, Akame
Kawase Hasui, 1883-1957


Grampy said...

Very Beautiful. Happy WW

Kim said...

these are beautiful Amy..
both of them exude peace and tranquility...
I love the subtlety in the colours and that waterfall is magnificent....

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Very beautiful Amy!! You are incredibly gifted with such powerful expression with such gentle peaceful colors!
They are as Kim stated magnificent!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

HEY Grapmy...thank you..he was such a gifted artist!!

Kim, I should have somehow put more of the waterfall in the photo...the prints are long...anywho, very harvesty, fall-like...perfect for our soon to be change of season...:))

Jackie, I am just the messenger...these are vintage woodblocks by Kawase Hasui...this print is perfect for our soon to be 'Fall'..yes???

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Yes it is Amy. I have something for you and I do so hope you like it.

Now I know for those of us who run art blogs awards can be hard to post. So if you are not into that I will understand.

But, this one is a special one and I only picked a very few people and you are on my list.

Whether you post or not, I did want you to know how very much I think of you and you got some free linky love!!

I hope you have great day and wonderful weekend!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful prints...perfect for the coming season changes!!!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Jackie, thank you thank you thank you...I so appreciate the award and the thought behind it...the award itself is lovely, w/ great again, thank you thank you thank you..

Well, Heather, thankfully, it's not here yet...I've been really enjoying this warm weather..but he really captured the 'sense of' the season...:)))