Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tulip, Danni and Beach Dog

I love taking pictures of animals, as you already know. The Kitty's, of course, cows, horses, swans, insects as well. I need to start taking more photos of dogs. These 3 alone, unique as they are, each have at least one thing in common....with one look they can see deep into your very soul.

The top dog, 'Tulip', is the newest member of my extended family. Chuckie and Lorraine are God-parents to Edward, Jimmy officiated at their son, Isaac's wedding to the beautiful Melissa last September. Full circle moments coming round and back around. They LOVE pugs. They have lost a couple over the past few years and Lorraine simply needs to have a puppy to love. So meet their flower child 'Tulip'. She is 2 years of age. I mean, seriously, look at THAT face!!!

The middle dog, 'Danni' is a rescue. She was found wandering on the thruway in Boston, tired, skinny, matted, severely neglected. My friend Jenny recently lost her precious 'Miracle', and was ready for a new dog to love. She found Danni at a shelter in Fall River, Danni is 10 years of age and pretty deaf. She obviously has had some health issues, but, her face speaks volumes. Is she not gorgeous? Jenny faces daily challenges with her, but Danni landed in just the right home with Jenny!!

The bottom dog, affectionately know as 'Beach Dog', was one big puppy. She is about 9 years old and I just fell in love with that face while walking on the beach one day this summer. She looks so wise!!! So, here's to our four legged friends whole grab our hearts, and become, simply 'family'.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Oh my....what cuties...they are all so beautiful.

I love the fact these older dogs found wonderful, loving often it isn't the case!!!


WillOaks Studio said...

I just love hearing dog stories, esp rescue stories and esp rescue stories about older dogs!! I've had 2 now and it's truly a challenge AND a joy! Those faces say it all!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Amy what wonderful shots and wonderful pets!! I too love seeing and reading about pets!!

I am so sorry that I have missed you the last few days but I was dealing with some technical slow connection!!

Now it's almost 3:30 and I have not been to bed yet.

I thought I could stay up and make it to catch up but I can't!!

You are going to be my last for right now!!

I hope you have a marvelous week!!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Heather, Tulip is still a baby...a very funny girl indeed...and Danni is getting continuous TLC from Jenny and anybody who meets her...I'm sure that she'll be even more gorgeous the next time I see her...and Beach Dog...what can I say...someone was having a good day soaking it all in...:)))

WillOaks...I know I know it's all about THOSE FACES...yes, Jenny would agree w/ you having rescued Danni, a challenge and a joy all @ the same time...but, she is the right woman for the job...and GOOD FOR YOU as well!!!

Cats, dogs, horses, cows...they all steal our hearts...glad you enjoyed...I was off the blogs as well from we were in NYC visiting my Mom and friends...had a fabulous, full to overflowing kind of time...:)))
Hope you have a marvelous week as well..big hugs..:))

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I love them all Amy. but, I tink Dunni hs captured my heart forever.

It's the eyes they are so so expressive!!

hat a wonderful thing you did rescuing him like that.

I hope you have a great evening!!

Kim said...

ohhhh they all so lovable Amy!!
I love their expressions :)
Beach Dog :) I love the looks right at home too..
how kind you all are ..taking these lost dogs into your families....

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Jackie, Danni was rescued by my dear friend Jenny...Danni is doing sooooo much better than when she brought her home a couple of months ago...can't wait to see her again!!!

Kim, Beach Dog was so HUGE....can't you just see him w/ a pair of glasses, low on his nose, reading the classics...Tulip is still a baby girl and she is adored by my friend Lorraine...her flower child...too cute..:)))