Sunday, October 10, 2010


I went to the 'Whole Bead Show' in Providence on Saturday. My jewelry making has been on the back burner for many months now, with all the time I have spent @ the farmer's market selling the cards and framed photos. So, it was somewhat refreshing to be buying some jewelry making goodies. This is where I buy my vermeil components. Amazingly, I can be in and out of there in no time. However, some gorgeous semi-precious stones really caught my eye and I did spend some time drooling over their beauty and dreaming of what I could make with them.

The top photo is what I bought. As for the semi-precious stones, well, this girl is dreaming....


Diamond R said...

one acre of treasure.
i added you in my link. and follow.
hope you add me here too

Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous treasures Amy...I love the richness of vermeil! I've had a questions about gold/vermeil products so I may make a few choice pieces for the Christmas shows?

Those stones are captured them of these years I'm going to plan a trip to some "huge" show...not sure when or where but some day! :0)

Don't for get to show us what you make with your lovely vermeil components!!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Heather, in some cases the gold vermeil will oxidize...the gold stems which I bought will do just that, but I've learned if you keep them in a box or in the little plastic jewelry bag, they'll be just fine...other than that, I LOVE the gold vermeil....oh my gosh, the stones took my breath away...therre are plenty of gals on Etsy who are blessed enough to use semi-precious stones normally!!!!...and yes, I will post the new pieces...:))))))

WillOaks Studio said...

So I'm awed by folks who work with gold (even vermeil!) and those stones are simply stunning--I'm probably be too intimidated to use them!