Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10% Discount in my Etsy Shops, Lilleypad and Lilleypics!!

'She Sells Seashells'
'Aqua CZ Dangle'
'Ruby Reds CZ'

Etsy has just made it really easy for us to mark our handmade goodies down, with the use of coupon codes. I have marked down everything in Lilleypics by 10%, using the code 'rhodagirls3'. Remember, there is still no shipping on all cards for another few days. If you want to give the cards as a Chanukah or Christmas gift, they will be wrapped in rice paper, decoratively tied w/ hemp string. Every piece of jewelry in Lilleypad has also been marked down by 10%, using the code 'amylikesjack26'. Your final price will automatically be adjusted to reflect the change of price....so happy shopping everyone!!!


The Muse said...

hello ms amy...
ever so hope that the joy of Christmas has found you.

i believe it was this weekend that had your craft festivities...

if these lovely blog images are indication of what awaits them, i am sure you wow them :)

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Oh Ms. Muse...how you take time out of your day to leave me a note...have been praying for Isaac...card went our yesterday....I wished that I had some of Edward's artwork, ie, Spiderman and the like..I'll have to get some from him to send to your baby boy...the show is next Saturday...I've made over 150 cards to fill in from the Farmer's Market this summer...along w/ the Holiday pics...now, to work on the framing!!!..you are so loved...XXXXXXX