Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Festival Fete, Saturday, June 11th!!!

Festival Fete festivals will be one-of-a-kind, with an extraordinary collection of over 100 Contemporary American Craft artists, strolling entertainment, a farmers market, and children’s crafts and entertainment. In addition, Festival Fete will feature an opportunity for festival attendees to express themselves and experience the thrill of creativity with a specially designed community art project. Festival Fete shows are not just another art festival but a local art happening!

I'll be there in the excellent company of my fellow artisan's. Come join us on Saturday!!

portion of all my sales are donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Rhode Island Branch)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...that sounds like a wonderful event Amy...I would love to walk through. It must be overwhelming to be a vendor though?

Is it an organized commotion setting up and taking down?

I know you are well prepared...enjoy the festival, it sounds like a great time, here's to great sales!!! :~)

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I don't know yet, about the overwhelming part...I'll let you many of us know one another...I too, would LOVE to walk around...anywho, I will try to take some pics...either way, I am ready ready ready...:))

Have a great weekend dear Heather...XXXXXXX

Azure Islands Designs said...

I'm getting ready for my Market this morning and thought of you going to your Festival...have a wonderful day, Amy...great sales, and enjoy the time with your friends!!!
Can't wait to see the photos...

José said...

Hi Amy,

Good luck to everyone at the festival!
I hope that you make lots of sales.

Best wishes,