Sunday, June 5, 2011

Swan, Snow, Kitty and Flowers???

'Snow Bench, Pawtuxet Cove, RI'
'Soft Kitty Pink Love'
'Wake Up Gerberer'

As you know, from the previous post, I have been working @ a fever pitch to be ready, fully stocked, and then some, for next Saturdays' show @ the Garden City Center (along with the upcoming season of weekly selling @ Whole Foods Farmers Market). I have re-visited all of my many cards already published in my Etsy shop, Lilleypics. However, I do have 4 new pieces at the moment. Summer affords me such wonderful opportunities to do some running and sniffing around, capturing nature's gift in the form of a photo. I am certainly looking forward to getting out there and smelling the roses, literally!! You have seen all of these new cards posted here as a photo, but, seeing them with that little white border around them, makes such a huge difference...enjoy!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

These are gorgeous Amy...well the swan and the Gerber are gorgeous, the snowed bench isn't acutally gorgeous but you know what I mean...Kitty is so cute...don't you love it when they sleep in such positions! :~) My Kitty has taken to laying on her back, stretching her back legs, while her front paws are bending upwards, and just laying there like that, sometimes actually sleeping...she has done that occasionally for years but in the past few months it is all the time...not sure what that is all about? :~)

You are a busy lady right now...sometimes busy is a good thing? It will be enjoyable at your show and markets...I know I enjoy the interaction with people, as I'm sure do you!
Hope your Mom is doing well...enjoy the day...

LSBF consultant said...

You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should contemplate about attempting this myself.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

ah ha...the 'Bench' know, our local pride runs very high around here, and Pawtuxet Village, one of the oldest towns in Rhode Island, is where this lovely bench should be a big seller...locally...Little Kitty, I say to people is like Princess Diana...she can't take a bad picture, even when nuzzling in on a cold winter day...the swan, also taken @ that very same spot when the bench is situated on the's just a breathtaking spot...

I am FINISHED...over 300 cards, 25 framed 8x10's, 7 framed 5x7's and 20 matted pieces...whew...I'm going to literally take some time today to smell the roses...have a great day...and BTW, my Mom has made a miraculous recovery...she has 3 wonderful Aides helping her...:))...have a most excellent day..XXXXXXX

WillOaks Studio said...

Hi Amy!! Your enthusiasm is contagious! The new photos exquisite! & news about your mom makes my day!! I'm still struggling on some fronts but slowly getting my (new) footing. Happy Summer!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Karen, I know that there is no road map or blueprint for what you are going thru...I do know that we are unique in all ways, including how we deal w/ our grief...I also know, that in time, you will most definitely get your new footing...

Glad that you like the new pics...:))) is looking GOOD for Saturday...low 70's and sunny/cloudy...will post some pics...(I hope)...a Happy Summer to you as well...:))))))

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