Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach Rocks Came in Handy Today....

New banner!!!
My shady, windy corner display..
Looks like a geology table!!!
Hey, it's all natural!!
The strings, ropes, and bungee cords hold up the display!
A peek down the street.
My tent neighbor didn't show up...but, the street was full.
The gifted young people from the RI Kung Fu Club
Drumming out the beat...they were terrific!

Today was the 'Whole Foods 3rd Annual Block Party' on the East Side of Providence. It was everything you would think a block party would be...lots of families, dogs, people with their bicycles, some with babies attached to the front of the handlebars, a great D.J., lots of hamburgers and hots dogs, plenty of water to go around. Doing an outdoor event is always a gamble. Will the weather hold out, will it rain, be too cold or too hot, will there be a gusty wind? The vendors are checking the weather reports very carefully all week. Well, I knew that it was going to be a hot one today...sweltering, in fact. BUT, I was assigned a spot under a tree, completely shaded from the blistering sun. WOW, somebody up there likes me, in fact, loves me...this was great. However, the wind was so gusty, that I needed my beach rocks to hold down the cards...many of which did blow down the street before I had a chance to get everything in place. Jimmy and I rigged up 'something', with string, rope and bungee cords, tied around (and around and around and around ) a tree, wrapped on a leg of the tent, all to hold up the framed pictures on the display. Glory be, it worked!!!! We were very impressed with ourselves. So, it was a good day of sales, the entertainment from the Rhode Island Kung Fu Club was energetic and colorful. A perfect addition to our day. Thank you Shawna for a well run event....and on to the next project, as they say.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great photos Amy...I enjoy photos of events done by friends, I try to remember but sometimes I forget or get busy & forget! :~) the creative use of your beach rocks...I understand tying everything down, I've also used "large" rocks to hold down displays, what ever works, right?
Being under a tree is always a my weekly Friday Market we are under a tree(5th year now) and we rarely ever feel the heat, until we venture out from under the tent that is!

Happy to hear it was a successful certainly looks like it was enjoyable/fun!

We've been having scorcher weather since Saturday, supposed to continue through the the heat but it is the humidity that slows me down.
Have a great week Amy.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I know, it's hard sometimes to step away from you immediate tent it was in this case, but there was ALOT of action!!!...thank goodness for the beach rocks...they will stay in the trunk of my car, 'just in case', as the summer goes...honestly Heather, how lucky are you to be under a tree...I have to get there early on Tuesdays to get a shaded spot for the Farmer's Market @ Whole Foods, but today, I will remember to bring a small umbrella for my back...I see that you have the same scorching weather which has hovered in the mid part of the US...I'm headed to NYC on Thursday to see Mom...the temps will be most scorching there as well...yes, agreed, it is the humidity which raises the so called 'heat index'...STAY careful out there and you too, have a great week...XXXXXXX

Mary said...

Whew! I should have checked sooner and I would have tried to make it to this! It looks awesome! congrats on your sales! :) ~Mary

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hey Mary..would have loved to have met hoo...glad that oyu stopped by the blog!!!