Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Roma and cherry tomatoes popping!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Perfect photos for words are necessary, the photos tell it all! Don't you love to watch the growth. I've never had a real food garden but I think it would have been great a few years ago...I'm pasted the work now! When my son was 5 or 6(he is now 31)he wanted a garden so we grew green onions, carrots and tomatoes...we had a great time taking care of it and of course eating our veggies! :~)

I hope your visit with your Mom goes well...stay cool! It must be difficult for those in hospital right your Mom's air conditioned? We had two hospitals and both without grandfather was in there about 6 yrs ago and it was hard on the patients. Our new hospital has air in designated areas???

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest for our area...over 100 degrees. The weather man is calling for T storms this evening and tomorrow so it will help to cool things down a bit...hopefully!

Enjoy your time with your Mom...stay cool!!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I always dreamed off having a garden, but more flowers...the tomatoes and herbs are pretty easy to grow...but it certainly does take some planning, tending to...but that is the joy if it...the smells, and then of course, the amazement of eating your own' stuff'...there's nothing like it...and it does look very very pretty!!!

She has been home from the hospital since May, and, seriously, she has made a remarkable recovery...she is moving closer to my brother in New Jersey in mid-August, so, I am here to help start packing the precious things (she's already downsized...thank goodness), even though she has hired movers, there is still alot to do...and YES, she is air-conditioned...the heat index is in the very dangerous 110's...we're staying in..obviously...I will use the pool in a little bit, then, back to the grind!!!...I go back to RI on Monday.

STAY careful!!!!...XXXXXXX

Alternative Medicine said...

looking at this blog gave me a feeling of euphoria, especially that huge bud. Your blog made my day