Saturday, September 17, 2011

And They Grew....

Late May planting...will they actually grow??
Late September...YES...and to overflowing!!!
Hostas filling out more and more every Summer..
Late Summer blooms..ahhhhh

As Summer (sadly) draws to a close (sigh), I simply had to show you what happened to the deep pink colored Impatience I planted in the three window boxes. They did not disappoint, as they grew up, and then flowed over, making a beautiful carpet of color. Their rich color was such a great contrast with the forest green of the boxes and shutters, all highlighted by the pale green of the house. They usually grow their own pods full of seeds which can be saved for the next Summer, although I have yet to see one, which is strange. Today, I started to dismantle the garden, as it never quite recovered from the hurricane, but is still giving me some Roma and Cherry tomatoes. I also cut back some of the Greek Oregano and made two big bouquets for drying. I have stored alot away already, which should carry me through the Winter and into next Spring/early Summer. There is still time for the oregano to grow!!
I'm beginning to think 'decorative cabbages' now, as Summer ebbs (again, sigh), and Autumn makes her cool entrance.

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