Monday, September 12, 2011

Late Summer, Late Afternoon

Well, hello gorgeous!!
This is a fraction of Schartner Farm!!!
Small portion of the many rows of vegetation...
Standing tall in the breeze...
Mum, getting ready to intricate!
Beautiful, full white Dahlia..
Mr. Grasshopper holding on..
Mr. Grasshopper and Ms. Bumblebee...good one!

The beautiful weather this weekend was a blessing. The September 11 Memorials were drenched in sunshine. Let's just say, it helped that it was not raining.

We went down to the beach on Saturday and I knew that we would be stopping by Schartner Farms on the drive back so that I could take some late afternoon photos. Two years ago, almost to the day, we stopped at the farm, and I did the same thing. The difference this round, however, was huge. What I mean is, that two years ago, the Sunflowers were so tall, I could barely get a good photo; this year, they were only up to my knees. Two years ago, Dahlias and Mums were nothing short of gi-normous, and this year, well, not so much. Not that the rows upon rows of flowers were not beautiful, they most certainly were, but it was a tough year for farmers, everywhere. I still loved loved loved, being out in the fields, alone, camera in tow, knowing that if I got one good shot out of many, then it was a good day. The late afternoon sunlight is a true gift!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous photos looks as though you had a wonderful afternoon taking those shots!!

I don't know much about the workings of a garden but I don't think we've had enough rain this year, not that I'm complaining but as you say the growth pattern is shorter this season.

It is so hard to believe the September 11th tradgedy was so long ago...I can still see the horrors of that morning as plain as if it was yesterday!!! As I'm sure can most...

Your photos make me smile...especially Mr. Grasshopper and Ms Bumblebee... :~)

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I had so much fun...looking forward to printing a couple of these out...especially Mr. Grasshopper and Ms. Bumblebee...what a moment!!!! The difference in the flowers, was not by inches but in FEET!!...I kept on watching every time we drove by on the way to the beach, expecting the rows and rows of flowers to be taller, fuller each time...but that was not the case...very different...but, beautiful, nonetheless...

I know I know...this was the first year I was able to sit thru any of the footage, discussions, or remembrances...we lived in the shadow of the World Trade Center when Edward was an infant, and know the area like the back of our hands...I was very glad to see the Memorial, and all the thought which went into what is the final resting place of so many...

Glad that you got s smile from the pics....XXXXXXX