Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo Ready.....

Little Kitty, aka, Girl Whirl has been handing me some excellent photo 'opps', while packing, re-arranging...taking out, bringing in. In this case, some of my small, weather worn terracotta pots, which have been brought in. She was sniffing around, even though they are empty. However, w/ her keen sense of smell, she knew that 'something' green had been growing in there...good enough to eat, and then probably give right back...ewwww, gross....but there she was, photo ready, picture perfect. Thank you Little girl cat!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

She is so beautiful...aren't cats the funniest, they do some of the most interesting and unusual things! My Kitty will eat almost anything??? :~)

In all your busyness I hope you take a bit of time for a coffee or a cup of tea...don't forget a nice snack to go with it...for energy of course!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

They have both been very close by, sniffing around everything, thinking (I am sure), oh boy, here we go again...thank you for your nurturing words Heather...I really really appreciate it...Jimmy came home yesterday after being in Co. for almost 2 months...he just left to go to Boston to pack up Edward and bring him home...very proud parents of the college grad...and empty nesters no-longer...!!!!