Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boathouse Craft Fair...

The Roving Spinners
Hand-woven and hand-knit clothing and accessor
(This piece looked so beautiful w/ my framed photos...couldn't resist)
Jillian Barber
Fantasy ceramic sculpture or mermaids, seahorses, fish and mythical animals.

Made by Handmade Gifts
The adorable Destinee, holding down the fort with her aunt for pet sleeping bags for our furry companions, catnip toys and dog toys

K. Bellotti Designs
Handmade scarves and tote bags in luxurious fabrics in an affordable selection. Personal care products to keep you beautifully serene.

Kanti Organics/Innisfree Body Works
100% Natural and organic skin and body products and Innisfree Body WorksLink
Micki Whelan Studio
“The Skinny Series” of lightweight handmade metal earrings and bangles.

Daniel Reade Studios
Hand blown glass in exciting colors with an affordable selection of original designs.

...and on it's own...this classic piece from the Roving Spinners

...happily showing some of my new pieces, now neatly packed away for the move to Colorado!!!!

It was my last show in Rhode Island. I started selling jewelry out of the house on Albert, when we first moved to Rhode Island, and it organically evolved into showing my wares at craft shows round and about Rhode Island along with the hundreds and hundreds of other gifted artists and crafts people from the New England area. My virgin voyage with the photos was 4 years ago at the Boathouse, and the rest, as they say is history. This is a small sampling of the beautiful work from yesterdays' vendors.

Many thanks to Margarita, the enormously gifted jewelry maker from her own studio,
Margarita Designs, fun and feminine vintage glass jewelry designs with contemporary flair, for orchestrating such a welcoming event!!


Azure Islands Designs said...

A great collection of exhibitors Amy...the sweater/shawl from the Roving Spinners is gorgeous!

It looks as though you made many friends in the last 4 years...

Once settled you will have to search out shows in Colorado...I'm sure there will go some interesting shows for you to participate in!

Hope your packing/moving is going smoothly Amy...

Amy Lilley Designs said...

The sweater/shawl from the Roving Spinners was the big WOW piece of the day...!!!!...yes, I have met some awesome artists and crafts people doing all the shows as I am certain you have as well...thank goodness for the blog, Facebook, etc...

I have been so physically wiped out these past couple of days from hauling all the 'stuff'...(I did have some help...but..not Jimmy), that I really have been unable to move...feeling better today, so, today and tomorrow I will do some light packing...maybe even attack the jewelry corner...I've been putting it off...too love love