Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Snow...(ugh...)

'They' told us it was coming. A huge dip in the temps from Tuesday to today....literally, close to 50 degrees colder...and it snowed. We were out last night when the precipitation began and within 5 minutes we were almost blinded by the snow. I woke up this morning to this awe inspiring, jaw dropping gorgeous sight. I took some pics w/ my iphone, but I can't zoom all that well, and the majesty is better captured w/ a 'real' camera. Am I happy that it is 27 degrees outside and that it snowed...not even a little, people. We are told that we will 'recover' into the 60's by early next week...but, in the meantime...WOW!!!!


Pansylee VanMeteren said...

Lovely photos! It is indeed, awesome. It only means one thing, when snow arrives, Christmas is also near. :) I hope you enjoy this season and have fun with the snow.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Well, that is one positive outlook Ms. P...I spent the day yesterday nuzzled in and cooking...all day...a big pot of chicken soup, etc...want some?????...XXXXXXX

Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous shots Amy...I know, snow...I can certainly do without it! Can't do anything about it so have to look on the bright side, it is beautiful to look at! :~)

Mmmm...chicken soup sounds great.

I'm cooking stew today...comfort food!

Pansylee VanMeteren said...

Hi Amy! Oh, I definitely love to have some! :) Seems like you enjoyed doing all of it... I'm glad it has been a productive day for you. :) Take care and have fun always. ~