Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gardening 101...

Dill, Greek oregano, purple basil, sweet red peppers...just getting started!
Emptied last years' soil...that was alot of work!!
The gardeners glove...already blew through 1 pair!
Rather large them!
Rows, watered and ready for planting!

The all important 'spacing'...
Let the games begin!
Palette and glass brick (thank you Dad) planting area...
Finally, after a very cool start to Spring, the weather is saying 'PLANT'! I had to empty out most of last years' soil, as the nutrients are gone and nothing would grow. Edward helped me load up the garden beds w/ the new compost, soil to mix in w/ soil, and the huge sized bag of MiracleGro. One for each garden bed. I bought earth worms. Last year I had the little guys, but this year, they only had the really big guys, like you see after it rains. So they have been officially, earthed. I bought some purple basil, Greek oregano, dill, lavender, sweet red peppers. I have some Roma tomatoes in the wings. Sounds like alot, but looks very sparse once everything is in. So, today, hopefully, we can find some more goodies and flowers for out back to brighten up all the stone work. I created a palette potting area, which is a step up from the little bench I was using last year. I still plan to put a piece of flooring wood on top of the palette to cover the slats...moving right along. Now, if only the grass would grow!!

As a real bonus, we have sparrows nesting in our wreath out front and as of today there are 3 eggs. Very exciting! Will save those pics for another post....

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day 'weekend'!

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