Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gardening 101, Part Deux...


The haul from the Dutch Heritage Gardens!

Another view...

Like a small puzzle, spacing makes all the difference!

More 'lay-out'!
Taaa daaaa...

Sparrow nest on/in our front door wreath!

Looks like they are stopping @ 3!!!
So, we went to a place called Dutch Heritage Gardens, about 20 minutes from the house, but pretty much in the middle of no where...on the Palmer Divide. Beautiful rolling hills, ranches, mountains in the background, but still, to us, in the middle of no where. Apparently, they have a 3 day Memorial Day sale every year. That is it, 3 days. We had no idea what to expect. Well, after we got our map of the 4 acres, we too, took our 4 tiered bakers rack, and started making the rounds. We took our time, we discussed, we saw, we chose wisely according to our space, and, we made out like bandits...an awesome sale it was! We are also in awe of the many people around us who were buying multiple bakers racks full of flowers, planters, hanging plants and on and on and on....big skies in Colorado, and big grounds as well. Our haul was small in comparison, but, I left the garden center a very happy camper.

Never believe me when I say, 'I am not going to buy as much basil this year.' I bought as much, maybe even a little more than previous plantings. I just have to start making pesto earlier so not as much of the basil winds up in the freezer...I still have bags upon bags from last year! We bought cilantro, small, tiny leafed basil (never saw that before...powerful aroma), Thai basil, sweet basil, sweet red peppers, golden striped tomatoes (we'll see), along w/ the Roma's. And flowers for that punch of color out back, which was missing last year...purple, lavender petunias, and another small purple flower, whose name I forgot (I saved the little tab, but must have thrown it away). At any rate, they look very pretty. So, this years' garden is planted, watered, and ready to roll. I will most likely add a piece or two (or 3) as we go, but, deep sigh, a great feeling. Very very grateful.

The sparrows have laid 3 eggs in the wreath, so, now, we wait for 10 days or so for the little ones to hatch...ridiculously sweet!

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